How To Earn Money With Hitleap

I discovered Hitleap a few years ago.

Hitleap is a traffic exchange network.

And I like it because it's got a very intuitive interface.

If you want to earn free traffic that you can then send to your sites and online properties...

You can download their free software for Windows or Ubuntu and it will autosurf pages from other members.

In exchange you will earn credits, which you can then redeem for hits and views to your own sites.

Additionally, if you want to speed things up, you can just buy hits and views...

And they can definitely deliver a lot of views.

I'm not sure what their limit is, but I've sent over two million views a day to websites consistently with no problems.

Now, the downside to using Hitleap is that it is basically "bot" traffic, which means in most cases it's not real human visitors.

And, somehow, most traffic networks can detect this.

So, there's a couple of ways that you can leverage Hitleap.

The first way is that you can setup your own servers, and...

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Why Click Tracking Software Is Essential For Your Online Business

There are a lot of different ways to make money on the Internet.

But some of the fastest ways involve paying for traffic.

Whether it's...

  • Solo ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing ads
  • Native ads

So, if you're currently buying traffic from any of these platforms and you're not tracking those clicks and measuring your conversions and ROI...

You're basically flying blind.

You probably already know or have heard that you should be tracking campaigns.

Because, let's face can't manage what you don't measure.

Which translates to...if you're not measuring things, you can't improve them.

Now, on the flipside, I understand that one of the things that holds most marketers back in the beginning from using tracking softwares is that there generally is a lack of guides and tutorials for those tools.

It's almost like they come with no instruction manual.

The people that know how they work crush it with these kinds of tools.

But the beginners have no clue where to start or even what...

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Airbnb: Book Unique Homes And Experiences All Over The World

Traditionally it cost a fortune to travel all over the world and stay in unique and exiting accommodations.

However, in recent years, there have been so many companies and websites that have popped up that have completely disrupted the travel industry.

A few include sites like:

But one of the most popular sites on the list above is definitely Airbnb.

Airbnb completely revolutionized the world of travel because it not only enables you the opportunity to stay in and experience really unique places...

But also save a ton of money in the process.

Traditionally, if you were traveling to another country, your main options were...

  • Stay with someone you know
  • Hostels
  • Hotels

And since most people probably don't already know someone in the country they're visiting...

Or most likely doesn't want to stay in a hostel (unless you're single and backpacking through Europe)

Your only option would be to stay in a hotel.

How Airbnb...

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How To Build An Email List Without A Website

Building a list is one of the wisest things you can do when it comes to online marketing.

Because having a list gives you the ability send a direct message to a targeted group of people...

As many times as you want.

And that's powerful.

Now, it's no secret that leads you collect from a website, especially visitors that find your site or page organically, are some of the best quality leads you can get.

But, not everyone has a website of their own or has the time to put in to build up enough content to create a steady stream of traffic.

So, the next best way to build your email list, that's actually a lot faster...

Is to buy traffic.

There's a variety of different platforms and methods for doing this: Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.

But, another fast and affordable way to build a list quickly without a website is by investing in solo ads.

Solo ads give you the opportunity to put your ad in front of a list of targeted people that someone else has built.

With solo ads...

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Is Affiliate SEO Dead?

Don't you just love marketers?

Always stirring up debates with their controversial headlines and leading people away from where the real pots of gold can be found online.

Well, it's no different with SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is a gold mine.

And it's actually gotten much easier in recent years.

But it probably doesn't seem like it because of all the scary "algorithm updates" and SEO myths sprinkled around on popular forums.

Myths like...

  • SEO is hard
  • SEO is slow
  • SEO is expensive

Or that overall SEO is just mysterious and nobody knows or understands how it actually works.

SEO is actually really simple.

It just comes down to content and backlinks.

  • First, make sure you're content is high-quality and relevant to the keywords you're targeting and trying to rank for.
  • And then secondly you'll ideally want to boost your site and certain pages by sending a mixture of social bookmarks and powerful backlinks...

To show the search engines that your website is an authority for...

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Affiliate Marketing And Taxes

When I first got started with affiliate marketing and making money online I treated it like a side hobby for years.

Now, if you listen to any successful online marketer, they'll tell you that in order to be really successful, you need to start treating what you're doing online as a real business.

Once you do everything changes.

But, one of the main reasons I was just "dabbling" in making money online for years...

Was because I was honestly scared because I didn't know what to do when it came to taxes.

I had always been taught to get a "real job" - so that's what I did.

So, all I ever had was a single income source, one W-2 at the end of each year...

With maybe some random side hustle cash jobs that I didn't report.

But it wasn't until I was working as a chauffeur for a hotel that everything changed for me.

I was driving around a very successful freelancer and I was talking to him about my fears with starting my own company, etc.

And I asked him which was more important...

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How To Make Extra Money As A College Student

College is an awesome window of time because you're essentially in sort of a bubble between high school and life.

And most people are in college for about four years...

Which is plenty enough time to not only make some extra money, but actually build a very stable passive income pipeline that can produce residual income for you for a very long time.

Now, every college student is in a different situation.

Some people have a lot of free time.

Others have a full course load PLUS they need to get a part-time job to supplement their expenses.

So, I'm not sure where you fall exactly, but here's a big tip...

Don't be deceived by the promise of "easy money".

There's a lot of scams, hypey offers and business opportunities out there promising you the world in a short amount of time.

Instead of trying to make a million dollars next week, focus on mastering a skill.

Something that you can do a little bit each day...

Get better and better at...

And start to build a passive income snowball.


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How To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Website

There's really only one way to attract organic traffic to your website.


You've probably heard the phrase "content is king".

And it's absolutely true when it comes to getting free visitors from search engines.

Sure, if you want to increase the ranking of your content, you can boost it with powerful backlinks.

But, if you don't have high quality, relevant's never going to get found by the search engines in the first place.

So, How Do You Do This?


Create content on a regular basis.

And if you're lazy or or too busy to, outsource it.

If I was creating the content myself, I would pick a niche or topic and start writing content based around all the long tail keywords related to that niche.

Long tail keywords have far less competition, which means they're much easier to rank for.

Most of the time you'll never even need backlinks of any kind.

Because a lot of times there's basically no other high quality content for the search engines to find for the long tail...

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OptinMonster - The Best WordPress Popup Software

Whether you love them or hate them, email popups work.

If you're currently getting traffic to your website and you're not using popups, you're missing out on valuable leads that you could be collecting and remarketing to.

Now, there are dozens of solutions out there when it comes to popups, exit pops, forms, welcome mats, etc...

But, the one I recommend over all the others is OptinMonster.

What I like about OptinMonster is that they specialize in conversion rate optimization.

Many of the other solutions that exist are either free (which means they don't come with a lot of features)

Or collecting leads and emails is just an extra feature they happen to also do on the side.

OptinMonster includes all the same features that other tools out there include, combined.

It also easily integrates with most popular email marketing services and website platforms.

And to top it all off, it's cloud-based, which means you can manage all your sites and popups from a single dashboard.

So, if you've...

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The Best Keyword Research Tool For Long Tail Keywords

Keyword research is not something I typically bother with.

It is very important, because with SEO (search engine optimization) the keywords you choose to target are going to ultimately affect how easy or difficult it's going to be to rank for those terms.

I do use keyword suggestion tools like, but I don't normally endorse tools or software that label themselves as "keyword competitiveness tools".

However, I know there are people that are searching for these kinds of tools.

So, if you're one of those kind of people, and you're looking for a suggestion, I would start with Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro is a product created by Spencer Haws from

He has been involved in Internet Marketing for several years, makes his full-time living from SEO, and has developed hundreds of successful niche affiliate websites.

Learn more about Long Tail Pro

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